Tennis players today have a choice to make in their playing styles. The Modern Game or The Conventional Game, that is the question? The Modern Game is played by today's top professionals like Andy Roddick and The Williams Sisters. The Conventional Game was played by older professionals like Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert. Of course, today's younger teaching professional teach The Modern Game while older professionals teach The Conventional Game. So taking lessons can be confusing and the styles can be difficult too define.


Both styles have positives and negatives. Jimmy Connors (one of the greatest players ever) upon returning to coach Andy Roddick (currently #4 in the world) stated: "Never before has how the professionals' hit the ball been so far removed from how the Club Player should hit he ball." 


Modern Tennis is about generating racquet head speed by lower the hips with an open stance and jumping up through the stroke. Players should then turn the racquet head over as they hit the ball while following through over the shoulder. Because there is so much going on this style requires a tremendous amount of practice. Also, because the swing pattern is circular is very difficult to get the ball to go linear. Professional's players with this style practice 5-9 hours per day six days a week. Plus this style can lead to injuries because of the jumping and twisting of the body. But, nothing feels better than a hard-hit well timed drive that jets just beyond your running opponents out stretched arms into the court for a winner!


Conventional Tennis is about control of the body which controls the racquet. Typically, it is slow and can be predictable. Player's strokes are simple low to high action, follow through towards the target, and the lower body steps across into the ball. The finish facilities direct controlled shots but this style can be difficult to learn because it requires players to step across their bodies. Also, it can be a stagnant style because of the station to station movement and slower timed steps. But, nothing feels better than to control a match with your pin point accuracy and run your opponent into the ground!


As you can see both styles have their difficulties and successes. All my students learn my originally developed style, "The Final Game", which combines the best of both worlds.  The Final Game integrates the power and speed of the Modern Game with the control and precision of the Conventional Game. This style is the perfect way to learn and play tennis for all ages. It is simple, based on "body logic", and brings out the natural player inside each student.