What to expect from tennis lesson.


For a long time tennis was played by only "country club" members so it is a relatively new sport for the masses. Tennis has only been studied for the last 30 years and that's one of the biggest reasons why Tennis is one of the most misunderstood sports in the world. Coaches, players and spectators have less understanding of why they teach, how they play, and what they see than any other sport! Years ago schools coaches even segregated tennis from the other sports. Athletes played basketball, football, and baseball because those sports were similar and used "the same muscles". But, Tennis was some how different requiring more body control like dance and mental finesse like chess.


With all this in mind it is easy to understand why players have little or no understanding of what to expect from a private tennis lesson. Besides the obvious teaching balls ready to go, teaching the "agreed upon" length of the lesson, and being an over all professional. Following the tennis professionals instruction students should show IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT! Players are paying for advice and tips to improve their tennis game not to be told "Practice that stroke for hours before our next lesson and maybe you will get it". Players know already that if they practice correctly their tennis will improve. The Tennis Tip should be one that can be verbalized, visualized and inspected so it can used in practice and in a match. Students should expect their coaches take ownership in their improvement. A good tennis coach is not a miracle worker but he or she will provide clear paths for students to achieve their own miracles!